February 6, 2020

A Serial Killers Guide to Life…

A wonderful slice of typical British dark comedy about a homicidal life coach and her greatest student… 

You guys may remember that a short while ago I was flooding your Twitter and Facebook feeds with links and articles to a Kickstarter page for an independent movie that as soon as I heard about, I just couldnt help but get on board. When you chipped in some money to the campaign you recieved a short movie that the guys behind this feature made called This Way Out. A movie set in an Assisted Suicide Center that completely stole my heart with its dark charm and endearing leading ladies. I loved the short movie and knew I had made the right choice in backing A Serial Killers Guide to Life… Now the movie is here and available on most good streaming apps and I am here to tell you this flick is worth the wait, about as good as any Brit Flick you could find an instant cult hit.

Director: Staten Cousins Roe (as Staten Cousins-Roe)  Writer: Staten Cousins Roe (as Staten Cousins-Roe)

Stars: Katie BraybenPoppy RoeBen Lloyd-Hughes

Lou Farnt (Katie Brayben) leads a relatively unfullfilling life, walking aimless through her day to day and filling her spare time with self help sessions and audio tapes. Till she meets Val Stone (Poppy Roe) a self proclaimed Life Coach with a very unorthodox style of mentoring. As Val is about to leave on a journey of research for a new book she is working on Lou must make a choice… Stay home and be put upon by her mum or join Val and go on a trip of Self Exploration, Self Discovery and Unwitting Murder. 


I am going to keep this review pretty short because I really want you guys to check it out, I could not wait to see this one and my god it didnt disappoint. Poppy Roe is absolutely brilliant in this role, she brings all the dark charasmatic engaging charm we saw in the short This Way Out and applys it to A Serial Killers Guide. I couldn’t help but be drawn in by Val Stone she is a gripping character that sinks her hooks into the viewer from word one. Equally Katie Brayben nails the down trodden hopeless self help addict, there is a visceral realism to the character trying her hardest to figure out who she is and where she should be just waiting to unlock her true self. Both these women play beautifully together complimenting each others style.

Of course to turn in such performances you need equally good scripting and dialogue. This is where director Staten Cousins Roe comes in. We British have an uncanny knack of turning dark and sadistic themes such as this and making them both un-nerving and highly funny. Its our dry and sarcastic humour that lends itself to the theme and Roe has written a wonderful movie here that moves from scenario to scenario at a steady pace on the way to its thrilling climax. This is a highly accomplished first project for the Writer/Director that leaves me excited to see what he does next.

Another strong recommend from us and yet another showing of the great movies we have on show in the British Independent scene. Your not going to see anything quite like A Serial Killers Guide to Life anywhere else right now, Its a very fresh and original project that demands your attention… Or Val Stone may just knock on your door next!!! 

4.5 out of 5

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