February 26, 2021

365Mentary.. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Pilot Episode)

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Chris and Kev are back in studio 1 to bring you something they have been...

Chris and Kev are back in studio 1 to bring you something they have been thinking about doing for some time now. You know how you get Directors Commentary’s on all those movies you love?? Well the guys decided to bring you a Fan Commentary of movies you maybe dont love so much, because why not??

They are joined by Friend of the Show and one time guest Paul Trotter to bring you there insight into this 2008 Steven Spielberg directed instantly forgettable classic.

So get your Beers (or Coffees) ready stick in your Blu Ray copy of the movie and listen along as the guys cover the whole movie with some unexpected Beer Spillage, an Atmospheric Fish Tank in the Background and see how long the guys actually last.


Intro From William Milne of Girlz Melon                    00:00 – 00:55

The Guys lay down the Format                               00:55 – 06.59

We start the Movie at 00:00:05 on the clock            06.59 – 2.06.00


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We consider this to be a Pilot Episode, A trial if you will so we would love your Feedback on this format so we can make some tweaks moving forward. We would also love it if you guys had any suggestions for movies heading forward.

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