June 15, 2021

24 Hours in London… (24 Little Hours)… Out Monday 13th Jan 2020

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You may remember a little while back here at 365HQ we had the pleasure of Interviewing London based director Paul Knight after the long awaited release of his movie Landscape of Lies (If you didnt see the flick you may have seen the headlines). While on the show talking about Landscape he made mention of his next project 24 Little Hours. I was a fan of Landscape and could see Paul was a director to watch out for and made it my buisness to keep an eye on what he was up to.


Then the news started flooding in. DOP Richard Oakes was attached to the project and I had seen some of his work which was solid. Kris Johnson fresh off his stint as Erebus (Black Site) had been cast in a lead role. Knight had signed on Marc Bannerman and Danny Midwinter, bringing them back after their roles in the last flick. Fiona Skinner, Neal Ward, Ewen Macintosh (Keith offa the Office) and Danny Young were all in the frame.

Then we heard they were going to be running and gunning on the shoot and by this I mean they were filming this movie, a feature length film in London in 8 Days!!! Well if anyone can do it!

Well as of January Monday the 13th all you fine people will be able to get your mitts on the movie. What did we think? 

24 Hours in London

Director: Paul Knight Writer: Paul Knight

Stars: Kris JohnsonFiona SkinnerMarc Bannerman 

Newly released from prison we are about to embark on a journey of revenge, murder and intrigue as we spend the day with a killer who is hellbent on killing everyone involved in the death of his sister and he is going to help his crew settle scores old and new while he is at it. Meanwhile a headstrong detective is hot on the gangs trail and is determined to catch them much to the chargrin of her colleagues and higher ups. Strap in for a hyper stylish look at Londons underbelly reminiscent of old school Guy Richie you know before he went Hollywood.

First up let me say this flick looks great, Paul Knight knows exactly how he wants his vision to be shown and has executed it perfectly with the help of Oakes. These guys know how to frame 4 armed bastards walking towards a gunfight and make it feel like its the first time you ever saw that in a movie. Talking about having never seen it before my only slight negative was and this is a nit-pick, the structure. We were being told the events of the day by various different characters in the interrogation room and I guess I just find this storytelling narrative slightly tiresome but I do understand the choice. When your main character refuses to talk it becomes harder to tell his story, I guess I personally just wanted to see it all from his perspective.

Speaking of Kris Johnson this is yet another movie where he is showing us there is more than meets the eye with him. Yes it is a return to the gangster role for him but he plays it so different and when you have minimum dialogue you really have to portray it all with the body, face and the way you carry yourself. I have raved about Johnson in the past and he nails the strong silent type (Even with a ManBun now thats a feat in itself). Marc Bannerman is an absolute revelation, where did this performance come from? I have known of Bannerman for some time since the Eastenders days but this was a side of his acting chops I had not seen yet. Now I did say the whole back and forth in the interrogation room scenes were somewhat tiresome but in those scenes you have the wonderful Fiona Skinner who is superb.

I am always going to be happy when Neal Ward steps infront of a camera and it turns out he has most of, if not all of the best lines in the flick, dropping the odd cracking one liner. I dunno what else I can say about Danny Midwinter that hasn’t been said, the man is dependable you always know what your getting with him and as an actor he always seems to understand the movie he is in (I suppose that is an actors job but you know what I mean).


You should absolutely head out and get this flick or stream it on what service you have. Its the lower end of the budget movies like this that show the rest of the world what british cinema can do on a shoestring. A well executed gangster flick that people are going to be finding for years to come. Paul Knight has proven that he was off to a rocky start but now he is here to stay. Check 24 Hours in London or Kris, Neal and the boys will find you!!! 


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