November 30, 2020

Powerless (Short)… Romford Film Festival 2020

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This year sees the Romford Film Festival return for its 4th year… Bringing with it over 100 movies both Short and Feature length. The Romford fest always brings a slew of homegrown Brit independent flicks including efforts from friends of 365Flicks like Tom Paton and Coz Greenop. Throw in some european projects and and works from further afield and we have a Fest. 

In 2020 we will screen over 130 features and shorts over a full six day event that will culminate with 14 awards being presented to filmmakers from across the world. Our screens vary in size from 120 seats to 350, in a purpose built mulitiplex. The event is held in the third largest retail district in London, at Premiere Cinemas on the third floor of the Mercury Shopping Centre.

Romford 2020 will again be showing over 100 features and shorts from 6th to 11th May with the red carpet Romford Film Festival Award ceremony on the Monday evening 11th May.

Now. Obviously with todays current events things have been thrown up in the air with the festival but I still wanted to bring you guys some reviews of some of the flicks on offer and let you all know what I found and recommend. After checking out a fair few of the movies that have been selected, I can say that there is a severely impressive line-up this year including some fairly stand out short movies and some cracking features.

One of which I shall be starting with today…


Powerless… Is Anything but!!!

Powerless follows Clara, A young female boxer with a real sense of grit and determination. We quickly come to find that following the death of her mother she has become a sort of mother figure to her brother who is a good lad but maybe hangs around with a rogue element. As we meet Clara she is building to a big Boxing match the week of the anniversary of her mums death when more tragedy strikes…

Superb… Just a Superb short movie that had me engaged from open to close. Katie Marie Carter is a revelation giving an Honest, Raw, Powerful and Captivating performance. Katie had a total of 18 minutes to not only make me believe in this characters struggle but also take me through it with her. I can honestly say I felt every emotion she wanted me to and without going into spoilers, when she makes ‘THAT’ phone call my heart was breaking with hers.

Director Nicole Pott scores big time with this short and had me wishing I could watch an entire feature following these characters. Nicole is a director I will be keeping an eye out for going forward. I am pleased to see another female director emerging in the UK that not only has interesting and powerful stories to tell but also has the strength, conviction and above all else talent to follow through.

Very impressed with this one and hope to see it move on and pick up many many awards!!! This needs to been seen!!!


So we at 365Flicks have sort of semi officially unofficially teamed up with the guys at Romford Film Fest and will be bringing you more reviews of the shorts and features the guys will be showing at the fest. All things going well and the event goes ahead. To be honest this why I wanted to make sure we got some write ups on the go because I am rapidly finding that there are some great movies on show here that you guys should check out.

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