June 15, 2021

Ospreay: The Rise of an International Pro Wrestler… Romford Film Festival 2020

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In 2020 we will screen over 130 features and shorts over a full six day event that will culminate with 14 awards being presented to filmmakers from across the world. Our screens vary in size from 120 seats to 350, in a purpose built mulitiplex. The event is held in the third largest retail district in London, at Premiere Cinemas on the third floor of the Mercury Shopping Centre.

Romford 2020 will again be showing over 100 features and shorts from 6th to 11th May with the red carpet Romford Film Festival Award ceremony on the Monday evening 11th May.

Now. Obviously with todays current events things have been thrown up in the air with the festival but I still wanted to bring you guys some reviews of some of the flicks on offer and let you all know what I found and recommend. After checking out a fair few of the movies that have been selected, I can say that there is a severely impressive line-up this year including some fairly stand out short movies and some cracking features.

So its time to talk about our first feature length movie of the event anf this one is a documentary about will Ospreay a british wrestling up and coming legend. Now I actually remember this being kickstarted some time back so it was exciting to see the final product.

Ospreay: The Rise of an International Pro Wrestler

Director – Jack Williams 

Producer – Ryan Carse, Jack Williams, Matthew Beckett

Writer – Jack Williams, Ryan Carse

The Rise of an International Pro Wrestler covers four years of up and coming british superstar Will Ospreays  career. We see the story of Ospreays humble and somewhat hard-up early years, being told that his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler were pie in the sky, defying all of the odds to become not just the UKs greastest wrestler but the argument could be made he is the best in the world. A deep dive into his rise including interviews with some of the best in the buisness talking about the rise, the feuds, the bumps and the highest of highs. An unmissable documentary for any fan of wrestling with a ton of access of the man himself.


I dont care if your a Die Hard wrestling fan, A casual wrestling fan or someone who is aware that wrestling exists. It doesnt matter when it comes to watching a documenatary about a young British lad that has made his way from nothing to being arguably the best wrestler in the world right now, a true inspiration. I myself have heard a lot about Ospreay but getting to watch his rise from the beginings on the indie shows like WCPW all the way to main eventing New Japan shows was a blast and having the story told from the perspective of some of the best in the buisness with interviews from Cody Rhodes, Young Bucks, Ricochet, AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio to name a few. Its truly impossible not to be impressed.

A fantastic Documentary with a lot of great interviews from the best of the best in wrestling today. Moves along at a steady pace and tells a great inspirational story. You can tell the film makers are super into the topic, to the point you can almost feel them “Marking Out” behind the camera. One of the highlights of the doc is a section that covers the relationship between Ospreay and Richochet, these two guys are easily the best at what they do so getting to see some behind the scenes goings on with them was cool. 

A must watch documentary that I would love to see picking up an award at the festival…



So we at 365Flicks have sort of semi officially unofficially teamed up with the guys at Romford Film Fest and will be bringing you more reviews of the shorts and features the guys will be showing at the fest. All things going well and the event goes ahead. To be honest this why I wanted to make sure we got some write ups on the go because I am rapidly finding that there are some great movies on show here that you guys should check out.

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