June 15, 2021

Just A Girl (Short)… Romford Film Festival 2020

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Romford 2020 will again be showing over 100 features and shorts from 6th to 11th May with the red carpet Romford Film Festival Award ceremony on the Monday evening 11th May.

Now. Obviously with todays current events things have been thrown up in the air with the festival but I still wanted to bring you guys some reviews of some of the flicks on offer and let you all know what I found and recommend. After checking out a fair few of the movies that have been selected, I can say that there is a severely impressive line-up this year including some fairly stand out short movies and some cracking features.

This time I have the pleasure of reviewing a short movie that I have actually been speaking to Director Claudia Grace McKell for some time about reviewing on the podcast, however we were struggling to make things line up so I am extremely happy to see this short on the docket for the festival because I could tell it had something to say. This one is Just A Girl…

Just A Girl

Director/ Writer – Claudia Grace McKell

Cast – Claudia Grace McKell, Jacob Anderton, Sally George, Ian Burfield

Rachel is an ex Karate champion who has moved to a small town after having lost her hearing. Not wanting to let her hearing disability hold her back, she has started taking Karate lessons at the local community centre. Whilst there she begins to have a burgeoning relationship with one of her classmates. During a competition she is involved in an altercation and has a violent outburst against a competitor and is automaticaly DQ’d however losing the competition might just help her find something else.

I feel like everyone was perfectly cast here for this short but standing head and shoulders above was Claudia in the lead role she is absolutely brilliant. Of course she is drawing from her own very personal experiences being that she herself has hearing difficulties. This all lends to the isolation the character feels and silence of some of the scenes throwing you the viewer directly into Rachels world. Choices like these can often seem a tad pleased with themselves but here it adds to the realness of how she feels in the moment. Again Claudia smashes this.

Sally George as Rachels mum is also wonderful infact both the parents are great giving off a vibe of comfort and strangely making you the viewer feel at ease through out. The short is beautifully shot and looks good, it moves at a welcome pace and yeah its a movie that is very much needed to show that not only can we have our strong female leads but thay can have life changing Diabilities and still, nothing will hold them back.


So we at 365Flicks have sort of semi officially unofficially teamed up with the guys at Romford Film Fest and will be bringing you more reviews of the shorts and features the guys will be showing at the fest. All things going well and the event goes ahead. To be honest this why I wanted to make sure we got some write ups on the go because I am rapidly finding that there are some great movies on show here that you guys should check out.

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