October 30, 2020

365Flicks – Nerdly Out Loud – Romford Film Festival… Let’s Smash 2021!!!

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So I am sure you wonderful lovely folks will have seen some extra things popping up all over our Social Medias and what not. I would like to take a quick minute to update you on some goings on here at 365HQ.

First up 365Flicks Podcast is going nowhere, That is the main point to make here. Covid has been an ugly shit that has just got on everyones bastard nerves and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Obviously recording the Podcast has become a little bit of a ball ache but Chris and I have been working to make sure we keep on track. Throw in a cheeky promotion for Chris and myself becoming super stupid busy and we just seem to be losing days all over the place.

SO what I have been doing is slowly but surely taking the idea of the Indie Talks and formatting episodes to suit something more akin to the awesome website Nerdly.co.uk. Phil has always been a diamond to us over there and it has been an awesome home for 365Flicks. Nerdly Out Loud is a new show hosted by myself where I will be taking reviews from the Nerdly website and reading them while throwing my own opinions in there too. There will be featured Interviews on the shows too with all sorts of awesome cast and crew members from the industry. I shall also be trying out some new formats with guests that I can’t wait to bring you.

The awesome thing about doing this is that it has got a fire back in my belly for doing the shows and reviews but It also means Chris and myself can get back to doing what we fell in love with, shooting the shit about movies we either loved or hated while getting pleasantly drunk.

We have been Podcasting for about 6 years now and when I look over everything we have done, I feel so blessed for everything we have accomplished. We get very healthy numbers that blow my mind at times. We have done countless Comic Cons and met some awesome talent. Indie Talk started as a “Lets just see what we can do with this” and snowballed into something outrageously amazing. Set Visits became a thing which as a young movie fan I could never have imagined. We took a trip to America, Cinncinatti to be precise and got to meet podcasters we adored and spend a weekend geeking out with them. Chris made a bloody short movie and its pretty fucking good. These are just to name a few things we have done that amaze me every day.

We owe it to ourselves to see just how far we can push this whole experience and see what the future brings… Speaking of… 365Flicks is now officially part of the Romford Film Festival team as I (Kevin) now sit on the selection and judging panel for the festival, which has just spawned a Horror Baby. I never would of imagined someone would take my opinion in an official sense and have me on the panel. Chris has even entered his aforementioned short into the Horror fest which is just fantastic. We are looking to head back to Cinci to meet up with the HOBI boys again. Nerdly have made it official and we are proudly producing a new podcast for them them with Nerdly Out Loud. Kev has even taken the leap into Youtube territory and now producing video interview content for Nerdly too.

There is so much more coming that I’m not really sure I can get into right now but safe to say you should keep an eye on us as we venture higher into the game. 

Thank You for spending your time listening to us so far, it truly blows my mind seeing how many of you listen to our show and while I feel we have already smashed more targets than we ever thought we would… Well we wont be giving up anytime soon…


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