October 30, 2020

Cast & Crew of Brit Sci-Fi “GLoc” Including Casper Van Dien

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Nerdly Out Loud is bringing Brit PopCulture Review Website to your ears. Each episode Host Kevin Haldon will be picking reviews from the website and reading them out loud interjecting his own personal views of the ones he has seen…

For this epsidode we are dropping the reviews as we head for a set visit to director Tom Patons Latest outing GLoc a Sci-Fi epic starring Stephen Moyer, Tala Gouveia, Casper Van Dien, Mike Beckingham and Johnathon Rhys Davies.

While on set I (Kevin) had the chance to interview Tom, Tala, Casper, Mike and one of the directors of Veridian. I had the absolute best day and it was awsome being on a Tom Paton set again.

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