October 30, 2020

The Doorman (2020) – Ruby Rose, Jean Reno…

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I cant remember the last time I so passively watched a movie. I mean to be completely honest after a little while this one just seemed to be on in the background. However it does star Jean Reno who is an absolute legend, up and coming Ruby Rose who was wonderful as BatWoman on the CW and even Louis Mandylor who is rapidly becoming a firm favorite of mine. These facts alone make this at least worth a watch.

I warn you now though, this wont be a long review…

The Doorman (2020)

Director: Ryûhei Kitamura   Writers: Lior Chefetz (screenplay), Joe Swanson (screenplay) 

Stars: Ruby RoseJean RenoAksel Hennie

Ruby Rose plays… Shit I forget her name in the flick, I mean it doesn’t matter really. She is a returning combat soldier suffering from a pretty gnarly case of PTSD after her last mission went south and she lost her entire convoy. Upon returning home she takes a job as a Doorman in a hotel that is seemingly closing down?. Of course we come to find that some of the last tenants in the apartment block are her sisters (newly dead) family. Enter Jean Reno as the villain of the movie who has brought his crack team of mercs to the hotel as it hides something valuable to him within its walls. However they were not expecting Jane Wick (yeah lets go with that) to have turned up to protect her family and it all goes a bit punchy kicky till the credits…

There really is nothing overly special about this flick, its pretty average and while not really doing anything wrong also doesn’t do anything massively great. Ruby Rose is on form with action and fighting which we know she can do very well but to be perfectly honest her acting ability is bang average. The fight choreography works for her and they make her look amazing while doing it, she just isn’t an actress I can be overly invested in. I loved her in season 1 of BatWoman and hope she has a fantastic career but so far she has failed to wow me.

Jean Reno is chewing the scenery like a beast here. He truly is a legend and makes acting look so bloody effortless. I love him playing this villain style role but he needed more dialogue and it needed to be better. Then there is the aforementioned Louis Mandylor who to be honest does very little but it was nice to see him in there.

Everyone is doing their best here with a very thread bare same old same old plot and no one really hits any dizzying heights. Making this a watchable but easily passable movie.

Unless your the kind of guy who has to see everything you might be okay missing The Doorman. 2/5


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