November 30, 2020

THE NEOLITH – Free to Watch Online NOW… And You Bloody Should

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Bloody and beautiful fantasy realism in The Neolith, available to watch online now
Here is a Director who knows how to command every inch of the screen, a Director who doesn’t waste a single frame, a Director who at the start of his journey is already somewhat of a master at his craft. The Neolith is to put it simply “Absolutely Fudging Superb”.
From the very first second we start with this stunning over head pan into the valley, you can just see a Cinematographer who understands style, grace, elegance and the the raw beauty of untouched landscapes. Shots throughout this short that most film makers would cut to pieces but these guys say “NO just give it another minute” juxtaposed with the fast frenetic nature of our chaotic characters this becomes a perfect blend of intense Brutality and insane Beauty.
Daniel Boocock and his cinematographer achieve in 30 minutes something that most Filmmakers may never achieve.
Amidst a beautiful and unforgiving landscape in an unknowable time and place, a mysterious individual takes action against a pack of bloodthirsty outsiders whose thirst for dominance is thriving, with brutal and bloody consequences…
A bold, innovative and visually stunning short work, The Neolith recalls the fantastic realism and epic scope of Vikings and Game of Thrones while remaining entirely unique in its storytelling and style. Combining aspects of mysticism, Jungian theories of the shadow self and Gnosticism, the film defies interpretation leaving powerfully raw and violent images that linger in the mind.
A quick word on the cast too because yes okay Cinematography, Direction and Sound will get you a good portion of the way but if your cast is not strong and believable, your 3 minute shot of someone walking in a field is not really all that interesting. This small but very talented cast have it in spades. Striking beauty of lead actress Nanna Lynhe, the brutish fragile nature of Jak Corrie and Dan Boies relationship and the understated strength of Lasse Voss (just check out the scene when he sets his hut on fire, I would hang this on my wall). All of these performances portrayed with very very very little dialogue but utterly superb.
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Daniel Boocock (The Desolate One), The Neolith stars Jak Corrie and Dan Boie Kratfeldt.
You can check out this short Movie at the links below and I truly suggest you do, it’s a masterclass in short film making in my opinion.
The Neolith is available to watch now on Vimeo and

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