November 30, 2020

Truth Seekers – Another Pegg/Frost Slice of Fried Gold?? On Amazon Prime NOW

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Now I have watched my Spaced box set about a million times. I probably drop a quote from the show at least once a day!!! The fact is it’s just that quotable, easily one of the best shows to have come out of the UK. The reason the show worked so well was the combined comedic and lovability factor of Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, throwing Edgar Wright in to direct was just the icing on the cake. A perfect trifecta that would riff off each other with perfectly timed pop culture references so deep that even on the 10th watch through, you’re still spotting the genius moments.

This little Brit comedy catapulted it’s stars and crew into the stratosphere. Going on to smash out the much loved Cornetto Trilogy. Leading to Simon Pegg becoming Hollywood’s go to nerd and even carving out some action roles while nabbing parts  in some of the biggest franchises. Director Edgar Wright has gone from strength to strength with cult hits like Scott Pilgrim and Baby Driver. Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes) has chalked up an impressive TV career and then there is Nick Frost, the Ant to Simon Peggs Dec. Three things in life stand eternal Birth, Death and I will always be excited about a Pegg/Frost project!!! That brings us to Truth Seekers…

Truth Seekers

Director: Jim Field Smith  Writers: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, James Serafinowickz

Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Malcolm McDowell, Samson Kayo, Emma D’Arcy

Gus Roberts (Frost) is a hard working and dedicated Smyle employee, working tirelessly to bring the U.K. the best broadband coverage. Gus is also a budding part time Paranormal investigator looking to make it big on YouTube. Since the arrival of his new apprentice Elton John (Samson Kayo) and the mysterious Astrid, their supernatural stakeouts have turned a little more sinister and a whole lot more end of the world-y. Now our cast of colorful characters including Gus’s aging dad Richard (Malcolm McDowell) and his super supportive boss Dave (Pegg) are finding out they are more connected to otherworldly shenanigans than they perhaps bargained for!!!

Well wasn’t this just what the Dr ordered in 2020. As was to be expected Truth Seekers is a superbly written and wonderfully crafted series that serves as a callback to your favorite Shows like Ghost Watch and Most Haunted mixed with a healthy dose of X-Files and even Dr Who all garnished with true to form Pop Culture references we know and love. I binged this first series over two nights and loved every bloody second of it. Nick Frost is firing on all cylinders and bringing a ton of heart to this show with some damn fine emotional beats, which is awesome to see.

However… you have Nick Frost who I do love, acting across from Malcom McDowell who even at this point of his career is an absolute scene stealing son of a bitch, not afraid to lampoon himself and you can tell that everyone around him is upping their game because of him. Inspired casting for this show and Frost in particular is elevated all the more for it. McDowell also spends a lot of time with Susan Wokoma (Eltons agoraphobic sister) and oh my days she is utterly incredible, such a fantastic well written character wonderfully brought to life by a damn fine actress.

Im going to take a moment (because this is my review) to bring up another scene stealer. Previous guest of 365Flicks Podcast and bloody nice bloke Mike Beckingham plays a small but classy role as Bjorn the assistant to Peggs character Dave. Knowing he was in the show I was really looking forward to see what he did and when he dropped the “Three of the Fuckers” line… Not going to lie I fist pumped the air Judd Nelson style.

Pegg is Pegg… I just love seeing him on screen and  I love even more so when it’s across from his best friend and one true partner in crime (sorry Tom Cruise, he’s taken). While he is seen sparingly his prescence is known. Better than all of that though is that this show reeks of this pairs creativity with the smorgasbord of references and loving nods… From Kevin Eldon referring to room 237 as a “Twin” or McDowell being brainwashed by being forced to watch some culty clips (you’ve seen Clockwork Orange right?) and many many more.

Fans of Spaced will absolutely love this show but it’s also not Spaced in the best possible sense which I loved, people have been screaming for a third season for years and I personally don’t need it… If this is the closest thing to that then awesome because Truth Seekers is a fantastic show that never outstays it’s welcome and let’s be honest in 2020 maybe Kate Nash is exactly what this world needs. Let’s hope for a season 2 because I feel like Amazon Prime are really onto something here.

4.9 out of 5





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