November 30, 2020

Jungleland… Max Winklers Emotional One Two Punch That Lands It’s Knockout Blow To Your Core!!!

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An Emotional One Two Punch That Lands It’s Knockout Blow To Your Core!!!

Being a big fan of movies like Rocky, Warrior, The Fighter and well any movie that centers around boxing but is way more about the heart of the characters involved, I am always quick to watch the next one that comes along. The good thing being you don’t have to wait long and every now and then a special one comes along.

Jungleland was an absolute no brainier for me for two simple reasons. Jack O’Connell is easily the most underrated British Actor working today, I mean seriously this guy is yet to put in a bad performance, not always in the best movies but usually the best thing in them. Charlie Hunnam is a local North East of England lad that somehow broke into the acting game and while he has fired a couple of duds, I have always been convinced he has all the attributes of a true star and will come through. One thing both these lads are very very very good at is pulling me into their characters worlds and giving me an all to real taste of how they live…

With all of that said let’s see what happens when they team up for Jungleland:


Director: Max Winkler  Writer: Max Winkler, Theodore Bressman

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Jack O’Connell, Jessica Barden

Stanley (Hunnam) and Walter (O’Connell) Kaminski are a pair of brothers down on their luck and fighting to just barely survive. For Walter he is literally fighting, handy with his fists and able to take a pounding so he uses this ability to make ends meet. After one to many bad choices our boys are forced into taking a trip across country to an underground boxing tournament that should settle all their debts. However this is a movie so we need some drama, enter Sky (Barden) an unpredictable influence on our pair who is great at causing more trouble than she may be worth.

Before I get into performances and what not I really can’t stress enough how fantastic this story is. You had my interest with the lead cast but you absolutely held my attention with this Boxing movie that had very limited boxing. This flick is essentially about two troubled brothers who just want to have life a little better than it is and the struggle to get there. Who can’t get on board with that?. Having said all that there are some some wonky plot beats that didn’t entirely land for me but these are more than made up for with some damn fine moments.

Hunnam and O’Connell are nailing it here but of the two, the latter is firing on all cylinders with his less is more approach. I just love an actor who can tell me a characters entire life story with literally one look. I take nothing away from Hunnam as he is acting his knackers off and brings just as much raw intensity to the role with a possible career best performance (I’ll get back to you on that).

Then we have Jessica Barden rounding out our core cast who I am just going to be honest and say that I haven’t really seen in anything but I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for going forward.

This is a strong recommend from me. The cast is great and the movie looks great but far and away the star of the flick is the story, the heart and that emotional payoff right as we fade to black… 4 out of 5.


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