November 30, 2020

Thirst – A Thousand Year Old Gay Vampire… Enough Said

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The New & Most Bad Ass Gay Vampire Zombie Splatter Movie You’ll Ever See…   Ever!!!

First up, the statement above is not of my making, no the statement above is lifted directly from the poster. What in the F**k did I just watch. I mean is this the type of movie that normally comes out of Iceland because if so… Sign me the hell up!!!

Every now and then I come across a foreign language flick that just throws me for a loop In terms of the Quality and Content. Films like Infernal Affairs, Brotherhood, Nightwatch Duckpond and Why Don’t you Just Die. The pitch for Thirst was “adrenaline pumping vampire epic” so how the hell could I not check this one out???.


Director: Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson, Gaukur Úlfars   Writer: Bjorn Leo Brynjarsson

Cast: Hjörtur Sævar Steinason, Jens Jensson, Hulda Lind Kristinsdóttir

Thankfully all the actors in this flick use their actual first names as their characters names, which Was super duper helpful because when I went to IMDb the profile pictures were just those blank pics with a silhouette. Let’s dive into a “plot synopsis” so to speak.

Hulda is a drug addict and on this night has been brought in for questioning on suspicion of murdering her own brother. After being let go because the police have nothing on her she finds herself in an alleyway where two men are beating up a poor old man. Only he is not a helpless old man,  oh no, he is a thousand year old Gay Vampire. The two form an unlikely partnership as they evade a sinister cult led by an off the grid detective.

From the moment this flick starts it absolutely sets a gore filled tone. They may aswell have a huge sign on the screen saying “buckle up bitches, that wiener you just saw this guy bite off won’t be the last you see”. You read that right, in the first couple of minutes this lonely ass gay vampire bites a dudes willy off but it’s okay because we get some 80s as balls synth score to take us into the opening credits.

On that for a moment, the soundtrack to this movie is one of the best I have heard in a good long while, there is just something about Synth and Saxophones that makes vampires infinitely cooler.

I won’t pretend to know anyone in this one but I loved every member of the cast. They are all clearly having a whale of a time making this bonkers, off the wall, madcap mental thrill ride full of blood, guts and ripped off appendages.

if your not to bad with Subtitles then you should absolutely check this flick out. It is funny, scary, horrific, gorey and downright silly in all the best ways… I had an absolute blast with this one!

3.5 ripped off willys out of 5 for me!!!

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