January 24, 2021

Don’t Look Back (Good Samaritan)

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Written by the guy who wrote Final Destination with a Synopsis that sounds just as intelligent and out there, what could go wrong??

Towards the tail end of 2020 I found myself discovering the Final Destination franchise all over again and actually appreciating how well put together and interwoven they were. All starting with the first movie which has about a hundred Easter eggs which were then even referenced throughout the franchise. Seriously go back and those movies with a nerds eye view!!!

Don’t Look Back fell into my view and I saw it had Jeffrey Reddicks name all over it as Writer/Director and I kinda thought ‘yeah, go on then’. The synopsis sounded up my street and I was ready for some thriller-y goodness.


Director: Jeffrey Reddick   Writer: Jeffrey Reddick

Cast: Kourtney Bell, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Rainn Johnson

When Caitlin and her father are brutally attacked in their home, her father is murdered as she is left for dead even pronounced dead for about three minutes. We jump forward a year or two and we find she is working on putting her past behind her and getting on with her life. While out for a run she and several other bystanders witness a man being attacked in the park and murdered in front of them while they all do nothing. Shortly after the witnesses find themselves being targeted by someone or something that is out for revenge.

Right okay, where to start?. So first up the things this movie does well, it does very well. However it doesn’t do all that much well.

We open with a really interesting concept where people are being attacked around the globe while others just stand by and record the events on their phone. It seems like there is some sort of rage lust story at play and there is even a janky news report from Rainn Wilson making it seem that way too. However this thread seems to disappear and doesn’t really become anything.

There is a plot thread about how because Caitlin died for about three minutes she may be experiencing some otherworldly stuff which seems to also disappear. It is a well written movie with interesting concepts and good dialogue but for some reason doesn’t really want to follow its own narrative.

Cast wise everyone is okay. Not really any stand out performances but everyone does enough for me to at least enjoy the movie. I might not understand their motivations in the flick but I can at least see what everyone is trying to do.

All in all Don’t Look Back is a very middle of the road movie. Like I said up top it does some things very well however it also has plot threads that seem to either be dropped or forgotten and some of the most interesting aspects of the movie aren’t what you think they are. which I guess is the point of a thriller like this but on this occasion I found it pretty frustrating.

It’s a 2 out of 5 for me.

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