February 26, 2021

12 Hour Shift – Digital Platforms 25th Jan

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Hospitals are Crazy Places to Work… Am I Right???

Angela Bettis has been on the scene and in the Industry for a good while now and people will have seen her work either on the big or small screen through the years. This role for me though is one of the ones your not going to forget, she is superb.

12 Hour Shift is a case of a wonderfully dark little weird script with an ensemble cast of perfect actors in their roles that “Get” the characters and a writer/director that nails the tone and walks a tight rope of just absurd enough and over the top stupid with ease.

Hmmm I guess I’m jumping ahead to my verdict already here so let me pump the breaks a tad while we get into the flick.


Director: Brea Grant   Writer: Brea Grant

Cast: Angela Bettis, Chloe Farnworth, Nikea Gamby-Turner, David Arquette, Mick Foley

Mandy (Bettis) is a drug addicted nurse about to start a 12 Hour Shift she won’t soon forget. Shortly after starting her shift we find that she has somewhat of side hustle supplying Organs from dead patients to a local Black Market gang ran by Nick (Mick Foley). Her cousin Regina (Farnworth) does the collections and deliveries, Regina is an unpredictable idiot. Things really start to go down hill quickly when Mandys half brother is brought in after an OD, a Prisoner (Arquette) is brought in and subsequently escapes, Regina decides to take matters into her own hands when organs go missing, the Hospital is put into a lockdown as bodies start to pile up and Mandy starts to lose control of her addiction. What will it take to get through this shift???

I know full well a movie like this will rarely get the kind of recognition it deserves which is why when I see them I try to shine a light on them and I have got to say that Angela Bettis had me hooked from start to finish. I mean this, she is absolutely perfect as the sort of down trodden, tired nurse who just wants to get through the night with as little fuss as possible. You can tell that the side hustle gets to her because no matter how manic the night gets she is just so desensitised to all of it as auto pilot kicks in when other characters are losing it their shit!. I really felt for this character who let’s face it wasn’t the nicest person ever.

Huge shout out also to Chloe Farnworth as the unpredictable scheming Regina, no matter what this character does she just makes everything a whole lot worse and is so oblivious to this fact or just straight up doesn’t care, so much so that while she is commiting a whole bunch of heinous acts, your still quietly rooting for her. It really helps she is written as the perfect counterpart to Mandy but Farnworth nails it.

On the writing and of course directing Brea Grant for me has created a really tight character driven dive into the surreal. This movie knows exactly where it lives and exactly who its audience is. This is proven by the strength of its conviction to add not one but two beautiful musical/dance-y numbers, something that could easily pull you right out of the movie but both these moments somehow FIT their scenes and legit left me grinning. Brea Grant I will be looking into more of your work and look forward to seeing what you have coming up.

It’s always great to see David Arquette on screen and here he was in a producers role too which I assume is how Mick Foley is in there, knowing how close friends they are. Kit Williamson as Officer Myers turns up the humour a notch.

I am gonna throw a 4 out of 5 on this one. It is an extremely strong 4 and my only real gripe was that the storyline with the brother didn’t seem to go anywhere for me. They tried to emotionally pay it off but it really just seemed like it was in the background. Other than that I don’t have much bad to say on it and I think 12 Hour Shift deserves your time. It’s funny, dark and has a cracking soundtrack.

Angela Bettis what’s your next project I need to see it?


Signature Entertainment present 12 Hour Shift on Digital Platforms 25th January


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