June 15, 2021

Anti Life – On a digital from 12th FEB

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Well folks It’s Official Bruce Willis has both foot in the “Just Pay me Zone”!!!

Anti-Life!!! I knew nothing of this movie other than Bruce Willis is in it, it’s set in space and Thomas Jane is in it too, when did he become Thomas? What was wrong with being Tom? I like Tom Jane as names go but now he seems to be Thomas, I must get to the bottom of this.

Bruce Willis in space for me seems like an automatic “yes please”. I was fair excited to see this one but it is becoming more and more apparent that he is absolutely in the straight to DVD era of his career, this is not a bad thing though because this tends to be when you find some absolute gem projects from the bankable stars of yesteryear. Movies that indie fans like myself have an insatiable thirst to fall in love with. Is Anti-Life one such movie???


Director: John Suits   Writer: Edward Drake, Corey Large

Cast: Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols, Bruce Willis, Callan Mulvey, Thomas Jane

Okay so!!! Set a little bit in the future a whole bunch of people from TV and lower budget movies fame with noticeable entry’s like Bruce Willis, Callan Mulvey and hugely underrated Stephen V. Murray. Some sort of devastating plague has befallen Earth and all these people are fleeing so they can start a new home on another planet as humanity’s remaining few. However this is a movie and it’s Sci-fi so enter into the fray, shape shifting Alien stowaway hell bent on killing everyone on board Noah’s space ark. It’s up to Clay (Willis) and his band of misfit mechanics to take down the Alien and save the the population of the Ark.

Now… I have never directed a movie so far be it from me to tear anyone’s work apart BUT I do feel like I am allowed to ask what happened here?. The trailer for this movie is excellent, it even looked like Willis was trying to do something for a change. The cast was all there for this to be a success with the likes of Stephen V. Murray fresh from his scene stealing role on Snowpiercer. Cody Kearsley was great in Daybreak as Turbo so I had some high hopes here too and you know what even a can’t be Willis can be decent.

For me it comes down to the execution of the vision. The cinematography is only passable with dark and light scenes going way to far either way. This is a bloody Sci-Fi flick you have to embrace the vibrant darkness. The script is super ropey but gives the actors enough to chew on I suppose, however if your planning on ripping off the “ugly motherfu*****” line from Predator, I probably wouldn’t have two different characters drop the line 10 seconds apart from each other.

One thing I thought this movie was doing very well for the most part was the body snatchers thing with the Aliens taking control of the human hosts, I thought they were doing this very well and I liked it…… THEN came the inevitable introduction of the grand master Alien and oh my Christ it looked awful, it was just this huge blob of SHIT that moved as awkwardly as a Dalek and truthfully wasn’t menacing. Alien controlled humans Awesome!!! Big pile of crap master Alien Awful!!!

Would I recommend Anti-Life??? I have to be honest I’m on the fence with this one. Yes it is exactly your standard low key straight to supermarket shelves fodder and yes it is full of people you know and love to see on screen, I mean jeezo I haven’t even mentioned Callan Mulvey who I love as an actor but he does so little here, then again he has way more screen time than “4 minutes Jane”. Realistically though I do feel like this is a one and done, even the the movie rolled its own eyes at the “your not going to believe this” ending.

I am afraid this one is a 2out of 5 for me as much as it pains me. For a better idea of what this Director can do go back to 2014s The Scribbler!!! Now that my friends is a movie.

Signature Entertainment presents Anti-Life on Digital Platforms 12th February and DVD 15th February

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