June 15, 2021

The Owners – On Digital Platforms Feb 22nd

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Admittedly I’m not the hugest lover of Masie Williams and her career since Game of Thrones, yes she has had a couple corkers but for every Cyberbully or iBoy there is a New Mutants. One thing I will say though is that her lower budget end of the spectrum work is arguably her best work. With this In mind when super low budget home invasion flick The Owners came along with a pretty interesting trailer and concept, I was willing to curiously walk into this one with more than a little optimism.

Throw in Sylvester McCoy who is only getting better with age as he jumps into the more outlandish roles and of course This is England alum Andrew Ellis then it would seem I’m just a little bit more than intrigued. So what did The Owners have to offer?.


Director: Julius Berg   Writer: Matheiu Gompel, Julius Berg

Cast: Maisie Williams, Sylvester McCoy, Andrew Ellis, Rita Tushingham

Gaz, Terry and Nathan are a bunch of local scallywags looking for their next big job. They think they have found a target and this one seems perfect for their skill set. They have it on very good authority that this old doddery couple have a safe  full of cash in their basement and they want to relieve them of that burden. Nathan’s girlfriend Mary (Williams) throws a bit of a spanner in the works when she turns up to chastise her boyfriend for being a bit of an idiot. She is then forced into helping them BUT they get way more than they bargained for when Mr and Mrs Huggins (McCoy & Tushingham) return home and they fail to keep their cool as the tables are soon turned and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues and the gang begin to learn a thing or two about old Dr Huggins.

Wow… Thank the stars and everything above for Sylvester McCoy!!! He turned this mildly entertaining sub par home invasion story into an edge of your seat thriller. I was struggling with Maisie to start with and Andrew Ellis was my main reason for sticking with it at this point but when McCoy comes on screen he is this awesome sweet old man that still has this little twinkle in his eye. We soon find that his twinkle is hiding nefarious motives as he completely switches gears and steals the movie out from under our Young cast.

Don’t however for one second get me twisted here because our young cast are all playing their parts brilliantly well, it’s just that it’s easy to see why the old boy has been in the game for roughly ten hundred million years. Maisie Willams is not bad here in-fact I would say she is doing her part but after a bit she kind of just starts blending in with the wallpaper till she ramps up her performance for the run-in to the end credits. The trio of LADS though all have a fun and interesting dynamic to explore with Andrew Ellis being the love lorn loser and Jake Curran as Gaz really steering the ship in shit housery.

The script is very middle of the road and is only really brought to life by our cast, I guess my main problem was while some of the twists were very well played and out of nowhere, it’s fairly obvious from minute 30 where we are going to end up. There are a few very well done practical effects and you will all know I love practical. The score is very nice and they don’t really play it for jumps scares no mater how mental it starts to get.

I am smack dab in the middle on this one and it’s fairly obvious to see why not everyone was raving about The Owners at this years Frightfest, I saw folks mention it but no one really went ham over it. Do I think you guys should watch this? Absolutely I do, it is a fun edge of your seat thrill ride however some of the acting is pretty beige and I feel like they were hedging their bets on Maisie bringing the punters in. McCoy and Tushingham though are absolutely exquisite.

You know what I’m gonna plum higher than middle of the road and go 3.5 because I just noticed this is Julius Berg feature debut and this is a solid piece of work to come out the gate with.

3.5 out of 5!!!

Signature Entertainment presents The Owners is on Digital Platforms 22nd February and DVD 1st March


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