June 15, 2021

Feedback – UPDATE On Digital 26th Feb

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FrightFest 2019 is here my friends and Signature Entertainment is showing up in force with...

FrightFest 2019 is here my friends and Signature Entertainment is showing up in force with no less than 10 movies showing at what is considered the “Woodstock of Gore” well so one Guillermo Del Toro tells us. We here at 365Flicks are going to try and cover as many of these flicks as we can for you lovely people and believe me there are some in here you are not gonna wanna miss.

Starting with…

Feedback is having its UK Premiere at the Frightfest Festival in the Cineworld Leicester Square.

Two words… Eddie Marsan. I mean yes okay I have been known to walk blindly into a movie based only on knowing who the lead is. For instance tell me Sam Rockwell is in a flick and I dont need to know anything else I am going to watch it. Marsan is 100% one of those actors for me. His performances in TV show Ray Donovan and little known Indie darling Disappearence of Alice Creed have cemented him as a must see for me.

Throw in Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby, Peaky Blinders) the always dependable Richard Brake (check out 31) and the producers of The Shallows (A movie that is way better than it had any right to be) and I am all set.

The Rundown…

Jarvis Dolan (Eddie Marsan) is the host of popular late night radio show ‘The Grim Reality’ a sort of Geo Political fly on the wall secrets being exposed type show. Tonight he is going on the air with a big story that his producers and station managers are advising him against but he is Jarvis Dolan this is his show and he will do as he pleases. The nights events are about to take a turn for the worse though as two armed men storm the studio and are going to hold everyone hostage. WHY?? well thats the rub, the hostage takers would like Jarvis to admit to a heinous crime live on air and answer for his own Grim Reality (see what I did there) that could quite frankly destroy him, however it would seem Jarvis has no idea what they are talking about, or does he? I dont know, Maybe?? look dont ask me just watch the flick.


Oh and watch this flick you absolutely should. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time with this psychological thriller and I am just going to say it up front Eddie Marsan is bloody incredible. I love a movie that only really has one location and uses that to its advantage, once we are in the radio studio thats it we are forced to stay here with Marsan, not being able to see what is behind the glass and only hearing what the hostage takers want us to hear. This sets an eerie tone for the flick. When you have a movie like this the director is having to rely solely on the delivery and authenticity of the actors he has on show and the thing about Eddie Marsan and Paul Anderson is that they have this natural well travelled sense to them they could tell you anything about their life no matter how extreme and you just absolutely buy it.

This is director Pedro C. Alonso first proper feature film and crikey what a way to come out of the gate. Is Feedback going to set the world on fire? Its hard to say but I can guarantee the Frightfest audience will love it and when it hits Digital download and Dvd I hope to hell this movie finds its audience its just too good not to. Alonso’s style and vision is there for all to see and as a viewer I was really impressed with a lot of his choices especially keeping everything practical, obviously this is a budget thing too but this flick just looks and feels all the better for it. Keep an ear out for a couple of scenes set in a completely soundproofed corridor, directors and their editors do these subtle little things on purpose and so often we take them for granted but when you notice its just great.

One nit-pick and it is exactly that, a nit-pick. I am all for dialogue in my talk-y talk movie but we have a cheeky little scene in which we are given a bit of a dialogue dump on Brexit, I get that Grim Reality is a semi social political show and what not, but I dunno it felt to me that it was a tad forced so we could relate to this period in time I guess??? But you already had me I was in for the ride. Other than that it was all top notch. 

I absolutely recommend that you seek this flick out when its available, you will not be disappointed. Great acting from great actors oh shit I never even mentioned the likes of Ivana Baquero who is brilliant as Claire, Richard Brake who lets face it people he is great in everything he does and everyones favourite Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy). So yes Feedback, check it out if you didnt catch the showing at FrightFest.

Signature Entertainment presents Feedback on Digital HD 26th August 2019

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