June 15, 2021

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One of the things we at 365HQ are most proud of during this whole Podcast experience is all the awesome people we have met from round the Podcasting globe. We have joined u with some really cool Networks and in turn hooked up with some awesome Podcasting buddies that we love to Casterbate with on the regular. The only thing we love more than a little Twitter beef with our Podbuds is when schedules align and a crossover is in the making. We also decided it was time we made our way to some UK Comic Cons and try to bag ourselves some chats with the Talent which has yielded way more than we thought it ever would. We never for one second thought we would find a great independent Comic Book writer who would be interested in speaking to our dumb asses. So this page is where we can showcase some of our best bits.

365Flicks So Far 2014 – 2016

So that’s us so far here we are in April and we have some more great stuff coming up in 2016 aside from the massive big Comic Book Movies coming this year. We will be hitting two more confirmed Comic Cons this year and i’m sure we could pick up some more if the chance arises. We have so much planned but for now we are 34 episodes deep (next episode coming shortly) So why not head over to the Episode page and check the Archives. Do us a favor and Rate, Review and Subscribe on the App you use to listen to us. It all helps the show get noticed and heard.




Mar 2016

Episodes 33, 33.5 and 34 saw us heading back to Newcastle Comic Con and again we had snagged our Press Passes for the event needless to say we were excited as all hell after last times weekend away. With Talking Heads doing its thing and Comic Con coming up March was gonna get hectic. Before the event though we were afforded the opportunity to do a Pre Event interview over the phone with Ross Marquand (Aaron from The Walking Dead). Thank you again to Showmasters for helping set that up.

During the event itself we had the opportunity to have a chat with Devon Murray (Harry Potter), Ian McNiece (Dr Who, Ace Ventura) and Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Weird Science, Commando). We had a blast.

Feb 2016 – Mar 2016

February 2016 saw us going a little bit nuts. While Haze was on the gaming episode he went on a bit of a ranty monologue about the Walking Dead. We decided when the new series started we would do an episodic review show right after called the Talking Heads. We did this on a platform called Blab, which brings back all the old feelings of Skype.  This would take up most of episodes 28 through 32.

This is something we enjoyed doing and has me thinking about future possibilities so it has been a great little experiment and Blab does all the leg work. March was about to be awesome though… Haze involvement in the Talking Heads was a revelation. However Comic Con Beckoned. 

2016 started crap with, there was a lot of celeb deaths and it seemed like the year for it. Episode 25 was our big 2015 round-up in which I started to realise how big of a year we had actually had. 26 was our tribute to the acting legend that was Alan Rickman. I was also crowned the NEEEEEEEEWWWW 365Flicks world Champion, which I won because I fluked 1 Oscar Prediction (Leo). For Ep 27 we finally got a good buddy of mine on board for a gaming centric episode. We introduced the fans to Haze Red Mist.

Jan 2016 – Feb 2016

While we were gearing up for our gaming episode with Haze Red Mist we were contacted by a great fella by the name of Peter Kendall asking if we would be interested in helping spread the word about his live charity Twitch stream. Of course we were interested. Add to that these guys are Jock and Nerd approved. Which makes them family. Check out there podcast How Do I Jump.

Episodes 21 through 24 saw us in full next level mode starting with an episode in which we got to chat with Gary Chudleigh the writer of Plagued and Sha Nazir the big Cheese over at BHP Comics. We cant stress enough how awesome this recording was and cant wait to get these guys on our show again.

Nov 2015 – Dec 2015

Then we went to Newcastle Film and Comic Con for episode 22. This time with Press Passes Yo. We got to chat with Dave Prowse, Tom Burke from BBCs Musketeers, Kate Dickie and Ian Beattie from Game Of Thrones. This was an awesome weekend. Thank You to Showmasters.

We rounded off 2015 having had an amazing year choc full of great Crossovers, Interviews, Comic Cons and new awesome Networks. Before the year was done we managed to squeeze in Pt 2 of the Dallas Action crossover with Doug and Martin. We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was awesome. Oh we also joined a new Network/ Website called We Be Geeks because… Why Not??


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Episode 18 brought us our first crossover episode with another Podcast. The Dallas Action is a podcast that Chris came across and instantly loved. The host of this Podcast Doug Campbell is a JFK Assassination enthusiast, A student of the narrative and he brought along fellow enthusiast Martin Rigby to seperate the fact from fiction in Oliver Stones blockbuster JFK. The crossovers did not stop there we finally got together with The Jock and Nerd to geek out. We even got them to watch Mac and Me and finally met Rugboy.

Sep 2015 – Oct 2015


Episode 19 also gave us a first in the form of Chris and I reviewing an Indie comic we had managed to blag a copy of at Glasgow Film and Comic Con. We met these awesome guys who ran there own Comic Book publishing company called BHP Comics and they were gracious enough to give us a copy of a book they were putting out called Plagued for us to review on our show. Which we read loved and reviewed.

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As of Episode 16 we had finished construction of our Death Star, Sorry meant to say studio. Our Podcave was ready to go and it has been a good home to us so far. To see the construction photos go to our About Us page to see the Pics. We had also become proud members of the Geeky Antics Network Global and our British home Nerdly.co.uk

 Aug 2015 – Sep 2015


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For Episode 17 we had decided it was time to attend a UK Comic Con event. Being the huge geeks we are it seemed the sensible thing to do. We reached out to Showmasters Film and Comic Con and they invited us to there Glasgow event where we got to meet Daniel Portman and David Prowse (The real Darth Vader) which was awesome. We reported on this in Episode 17.


Jun 2015 – July 2015

For some time we had been making do with the Skype which i will always recommend to anyone who is starting out Podcasting, It is a quick and easy way of doing things, for a lot of Podcasters it is the only way they can do it which again is fine. I myself started to get mega OCD and wanted to start building towards a studio. I started to buy all the equipment we needed and we set up in our first studio which was a room at Chris’s house. We spent episodes 13 to 15 here and the chemistry was instantly better. This was our way forward. I would like to take a moment to thank Imran Javed of the Jock and Nerd Podcast for letting me nip his head while I was researching what we needed.

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Episodes 6 through to 8 Ash hung about helping us perfect our format as it were. Some sections would come and some would go. The news round-up quickly became part and parcel and we decided to cause each other pain by recommending such movies as Bio-Dome, Rat Race and The Room. we had so much fun with these sections. Taking us up to Episode 12. Safe to say by this time we pretty much knew where we were headed with our format.

Feb 2015 – Jun 2015


 During this period we also hooked up two more great Networks in the form of Wicked Radio Network run by the Awesome Big Dev and Tangent Bound Network run by the always professional Mark Bogner. With three great networks under our belt we had also started to make so great relationships with some awesome Podcasters. The likes off Jock and Nerd, History of Bad Ideas and the Tangent Bound Podcast. Come episode 13 we would move into our first studio.

So lets start right back at the beginning when Chris and I were basically Forest Gumping our way through the first 5 episodes. Way back in September of 2014 we sat down with the loan of an H2 Zoom Mic off a good pal of mine and decided to see what happened. It wasn’t the best of episodes but hey Kevin Smith had to start somewhere. Ep 01 on wards we sat down to record via Skype for better Quality.

Sep 2014 – Feb 2015

Up until Episode 6 were using a free domain theme intro with some pretty bad ass Hans Zimmer Bwaaaaaams. It served its purpose but this was a place holder until friend of the show William Milne had finished our bitching Intro song.Will covers computer game themes with a Metal guitar twist under the guise of Girlz Melon. We love our Intro. Episode 6 also saw the introduction of Ashley Nicoll who was a prominent writer on the Blog site and he stuck around for a few episodes. Episode 6 also saw us become members of the mighty fine Musings of the geek Network. Sadly Musings is no longer doing its thing after the founder moved on to bigger things.

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